The Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group (SFEG) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1990 to engage communities in habitat restoration and watershed stewardship in order to enhance salmon populations. As a non-governmental organization, we have unique cooperative relationships with local landowners, conservation groups, government agencies and tribes. Through the hard work of our volunteers and professional restoration crew, we have been recognized as a local leader in salmon restoration. As one of 14 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in Washington State, we are part of a coordinated effort to educate and involve the public in salmon enhancement activities across the state at the community level. Our regional boundaries include not only the Skagit River watershed, but also the Samish River and the watersheds of the San Juan Islands and northern Whidbey Island.

See our map of our regional boundaries, along with the other Regional restoration groups in Washington.



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The Redd Spring/Summer 2015 is Here!

The Redd

Dear readers and fans of The Redd –  a new issue is here! Read up on cutthroat trout, native plants, spawner surveys, and much more.

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