Volunteer Opportunities


Earth Day volunteers at Edgewater Park

Volunteers are the backbone of
Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group!

We recruit and train volunteers to achieve our goal of increased public awareness for salmon habitat restoration. All volunteer projects are based on learning through hands-on activities. We have opportunities for volunteers of all ages and in all seasons.

Browse through the list of ongoing volunteer opportunities below and find one (or more!) that interest you.  If you are interested in joining SFEG as a volunteer, contact us or sign up for our mailing list on the right sidebar. You can also view our opportunities on Volunteer Match.

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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes!

Tree planting for future years

Planting Parties:

Tree planting parties are scheduled each spring and fall. These plantings help to restore the stream banks so they provide shade and bank stability. Time commitment: 3 hours, 10-1pm Saturdays.



Native Plant Nursery:


Caring for native plants for restoration projects.

SFEG nursery volunteer have unique opportunity to be train and care take for native plants of the Pacific Northwest.  Not only will get help natives live and grow but also have opportunity to learn how a nursery is managed day to day.  The variety of tasks at the nursery including, but not limited to, watering, weeding, potting, maintaining, reorganizing, loading and unloading plants, sawdust, potting soil, and mulch.  This includes the use of tools such as shovels, wheelbarrows, hoses, lawn mowers, weed-eaters, and other power or electricity.  Physical requirements include digging, bending, lifting, and walking, hauling plants and other materials.  Volunteers and staff are also exposed to weather.   Visit the nursery page for more information on the range of opportunities available.



Spawner Surveys:


 Spawner Survey Volunteer

Spawner surveys on Parsons Creek

Volunteers are trained by field technicians to assist with counting adult salmon returning to local streams.  Volunteers are trained at a workshop in October to identify and count spawning salmon, salmon carcasses, and count and mark redds (nests).  Surveys must be consistently done on a weekly basis, and most surveys will occur on weekdays. Committing to one day a week for several weeks is preferred. Time commitment: 1-6 hours per week, October-February. Learn More about our spawner survey program.


Volunteer Monitoring

Monitoring helps us track our planting success and survival

Vegetation Monitoring:

Volunteers are needed to monitor the growth of trees and shrubs planted at restoration sites. Duties include native plant identification and assessment, accurate record keeping, and database entry. A one-day training session will be provided in spring by our field technicians and then schedules can be arranged. Time commitment varies with site. Learn More about our vegetation monitoring program.



Volunteer Nursery Vegetation

Plants at the SFEG Nursery

Vegetation Maintenance:

SFEG has completed stream restoration projects throughout Skagit County which require plant maintenance. This is especially critical during the spring and summer when grass threatens to shade out seedlings. Maintenance volunteers may be responsible for weeding, and/or watering plants. A coordinator is also needed with experience in stream restoration and an interest in working with people. Responsibilities will include providing initial guidance to maintenance volunteers on how to care for their site. Time commitment varies with project site.


Volunteer Environmental Education

Students release salmon at a school trip

Educational Outreach:

SFEG needs volunteers to assist with school programs at various schools in the Skagit Valley. Time commitment: 1-4 hours, depending on location and group. Learn more about our educational programs.





Volunteer Events Festival

Crafts at a festival

Display Booth:

SFEG needs occasional assistance setting up and staffing our booth at community events such as fairs, festivals, and workshops. Time commitment varies.  Needs are primarily weekends during the summer months. Learn More about SFEG’s community outreach.



Administrative Assistance:

Periodic bulk mailings and various other office duties we can always use help with.  Volunteers interested in assisting with office duties are encouraged to express interest. Time commitment: variable.


We’d Love your Feedback!

If you have participated in a fall or spring planting party recently, please feel free to send comments to sfeg @ skagitfisheries.org