Opportunities in the Nursery

There are many ways to get involved: internships, weekly potting and nursery parties. Look around and get in contact if you’d like to learn more!

Potting Volunteers


Love our planting parties but can’t come on Saturdays? Want to give back or need volunteer hours for school?

Starting in February, come to the Native Plant Nursery in Burlington Thursdays from 1PM- 4PM to help pot our plants.  Many hands make light works and we have many plants needing new homes.  These plants will be at our restoration projects across the Skagit watershed.

We can provide gloves and tools but dress for the weather as we will be working outside!

Interested?  Contact Taylor Schmuki at wcc@skagitfisheries.org or 360.336.0172×406.  Can’t make Thursday, let us know and we can work it out.

SFEG Staff Potting At The Nursery

SFEG Staff Potting Salvaged Plants At The Nursery

Nursery Volunteer

SFEG nursery volunteers have the unique opportunity to train and care take for native plants of the Pacific Northwest.  Not only will you help natives live and grow but also have opportunity to learn how a nursery is managed day to day.  The variety of tasks at the nursery including, but not limited to, watering, weeding, potting, maintaining, reorganizing, loading and unloading plants, sawdust, potting soil, and mulch.  This includes the use of tools such as shovels, wheelbarrows, hoses, lawn mowers, weed-eaters, and other power or electricity.  Physical requirements include digging, bending, lifting, walking, and hauling plants and other materials.  Volunteers and staff are also exposed to weather.

Contact Taylor Schmuki at wcc@skagitfisheries.org or 360.336.0172×406

Assembly line plant moving!

Assembly line plant moving!

Nursery Parties

Maybe you have a busy schedule or not ready to make a full commitment?  Come to our nursery parties and see what you think!

Our nursery parties have wide variety of tasks including, but not limited to, building, potting plants, willow staking, and weeding. Here are some of our upcoming parties:

Potting Party: March 4

Potting Party: March 25

***If you are interested in seeing where our nursery plants go, come out to one of our Planting Parties!!!

Planting party at EF Walker Creek

Planting party at EF Walker Creek


Riparian Vegetation Internship: Spring 2017-Summer 2017

capillary beds being constructed

The Vegetation Monitoring and Native Plant Intern works with SFEG Staff to monitor riparian planting in the Skagit watershed and aids in the upkeep of our native plant nursery.  The intern works frequently with SFEG field staff and volunteers to carry out this work  such as weed control, watering, native plant identification, small structural updates, as well as much more.  The plants that come from our nursery go to our riparian restoration projects led by staff, volunteers, and school groups.  These plants end up in sites all over the Skagit and Samish Watersheds.

Vegetation Monitoring involves monitoring riparian areas undergoing restoration on selected sites in the Skagit Watershed.  The intern performs data collection, entry, analysis, and reporting used to document survival and ecological changes for sites undergoing riparian planting activities.  This information is useful in understanding the effectiveness of such efforts and for planning future projects.  The intern works frequently with SFEG field staff and volunteers to carry out this work.


Applicants should have a background and interest in environmental science/studies, biology, native plant/horticulture, gardening, outdoor recreation, and/or salmon. Applicant must be able to identify or must be willing to learn to identify native Pacific Northwest plants. Must have the ability to work with volunteers and provide own vehicle for transportation (mileage to and from Mount Vernon office reimbursed at State rate). This position requires work outside in all types of weather, be capable of walking on uneven ground, and able to lift 40 lbs.

Time Commitment

This is a volunteer internship that requires a time commitment of at least 3 days a week from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Saturday. Commitment to full season is required but quarterly commitments from January-June and June-Sept will be considered. Internship is 300 hours total with flexible schedule (M-TH) but may require some weekends to work with volunteers.


Please contact Rachael West at 360-336-0172 for more information.

To apply submit a letter of interest, resume and availability to rwest@skagitfisheries.org

More information at: www.skagitfisheries.org

SFEG Interns at the Nursery

SFEG Interns at the Nursery