Vegetation Monitoring

The SFEG Vegetation Monitoring Program allows staff and volunteers to track growth, survival, and changes in ground cover for riparian planting projects.

Monitoring at the Hansen Creek Site

Data collected through this program helps document project success/failure and provides useful feedback for SFEG staff about planting techniques, species selection, and maintenance.Volunteers establish circular plots on new sites or visit existing plots then record health condition, height, and species of each individual tree and shrub planted within each plot.  Volunteers also collect information on species composition for ground cover, canopy, and understory.

This program allows individuals to develop skills in native and non-native plant identification, use of GPS, data collection and entry, and to make recommendations to improve future riparian planting projects. The program also gives volunteers the chance to see salmon restoration work in action and explore beautiful natural areas along the Skagit Watershed.

If you are interested in trying out vegetation monitoring as a volunteer, feel free to Contact Us.



In 2016, we worked across the Skagit Valley.

2016 vegetation monitoring overview map


Interested in what our results are? View our vegetation monitoring reports here.

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