Spawner Surveys

spawning Coho salmon © Jessica Newley

spawning Coho salmon
© Jessica Newley

How many salmon return to creeks throughout Skagit County from year to year? Where are the most prolific spawning streams? SFEG’s spawner survey program answers these questions.

SFEG staff and volunteers perform spawner surveys to count salmon returning to project sites. Surveys begin below the project site and continue upstream until well above the project site.

Project sites are walked once per week during the spawning season. Each week the total number of live adult salmonids, salmonid carcasses, and redds are counted and recorded by species.

Tails are clipped to avoid counting the same carcass in subsequent surveys. Every redd is counted, measured, and flagged. A flag is tied directly above the redd with the date the redd was recorded written on the flag. This prevents redd disturbance during future surveys and double counting.

If you are interested in volunteering for our spawner survey program, please Contact Us!

To view reports using the data we have collected, visit our Monitoring Reports page.


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