Habitat Restoration

Improving salmon habitat is the primary way SFEG seeks to enhance salmon resources. Habitat loss and environmental degradation continue to threaten the clean, healthy, and cool water salmon need to survive. Our projects are designed to improve and protect local watersheds by offering assistance to local landowners. In addition to salmon, our projects also benefit the other 80% of wildlife species that depend on healthy watersheds such as frogs, song birds and deer.

We work with willing landowners to do the following types of restoration projects:

Riparian Projects

Improving Fish Passage 

In-Stream Projects

Nutrient Enhancement

Nutrient enhancement projects re-distribute surplus salmon carcasses from hatcheries in order to provide important marine derived nutrients to support the watershed ecosystem.  SFEG implemented nutrient enhancement projects in the past in cooperation with several local hatcheries and partners in the upper watershed.  At this time, nutrients are not identified as a limiting factor for salmon recovery in the Skagit watershed and SFEG does not have any active nutrient enhancement projects.  However, nutrients remain a limiting factor in neighboring watersheds around Washington state.  Other Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEGs) continue to use volunteers to distribute carcasses from hatcheries to improve the health of local watersheds.  In 2014, over 38,000 carcasses were distributed by volunteers and since 1995 over 1.1 million carcasses have been utilized for nutrient enhancement projects through the RFEG program.