Board of Directors

The Board of Directors welcomes and encourages the public to attend its monthly meetings, the fourth Tuesday of each month at our office (excluding July and December).

Now Seeking New Board Members!

Becoming a board member is a great way to get involved with SFEG.  We are currently seeking individuals interested in joining our the board.  All interests and expertise is welcome.  No experience with salmon restoration necessary!  If interested please contact Alison at

Board Recruitment Announcement

Sheila Tomas- Owner, Örum Nursing, President
Sheila is a member and active volunteer with WSU Skagit County Beach Watchers. She is passionate about preserving salmon habitat and salmonids and has been volunteering with SFEG since 2009 participating in salmon spawning surveys, Salmon in the Classroom, stream structure monitoring, tour guiding at the Marblemount hatchery and planting parties. Besides being passionate about all things salmon, Sheila is also very passionate about nursing. She has been nursing for over 23 years and has her own nursing business in Skagit and Whatcom Counties. When Sheila isn’t nursing or volunteering you may find her out sailing the San Juan’s, fly fishing the local lakes and rivers or in her local bookstore buying books about fish.

Bob MottramBob Mottram- Journalist (retired), Vice President
Bob studied journalism and wildlife management at South Dakota State University, and spent more than 40 years as a daily newspaper reporter, editor and a wire service correspondent in several regions of the country, including New England, the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. For the last 24 years of his career he was outdoor writer for The News Tribune in Tacoma, where he wrote extensively about the science, the politics and the law that govern salmon management in Washington. He has written two books about salmon that deal with how to catch them and how to understand the myriad factors that affect decision-making by state and tribal salmon managers. Bob is a long-time member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and is a current member of the board, of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association.

Don Butterfield
Don ButterfieldOwner, Mount Vernon Acupuncture, Secretary
Don has lived on the Samish River for 25 years, establishing a personal relationship with salmon and watershed changes in the Skagit Basin. Due to this interaction, he has a keen interest in maintaining and restoring fish habitat for future generations. Don has managed his own acupuncture business for 25 years, and is ready to direct his energy towards giving back to the community through active involvement with SFEG.


Jim Fukuyama- Chemist and Patent Lawyer (retired), Treasurer
Recently retired, Jim is an avid biker and hiker who is in continual awe of the wonderful vistas prevalent throughout the Pacific Northwest. Prior to retiring, he was a research chemist at General Electric’s Research & Development Center in upstate New York and a patent lawyer at an intellectual property law firm in New York City. Jim enjoys volunteering with several conservation related organizations including the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group, Skagit Land Trust, and Skagit Conservation District. He is also a board member and volunteer for the Pacific Northwest Trail Association and the Skagit-Whatcom-Island Trail Maintaining Organization.

Brian FaberBrian Faber-Dentist
Brian is a dentist and business owner who has owned property along the Skagit River for 40 years. He is an avid fly fisherman and past president of the Fidalgo Fly Fishers. Brian cares deeply about the conservation of the fishery resources of the Skagit River and is looking forward to being more actively involved in increasing awareness for improving habitat. Brian is a past recipient of SFEG’s Landowner of the Year Award for his cooperative efforts to restore fish access and riparian habitat along Lower Day Creek Slough.

Mary JandaMary Janda- Educator
Mary has taught Science as well as other subjects at Concrete Middle School for over 21 years. Throughout her school years and work with Boy Scouts she has led her students in outdoor activities. One of these activities was restoring Lorenzan Creek with the leadership and education of the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group (SFEG). Mary also took students camping with NCI and Komo Kulshan Outdoor Schools. She also worked with the North Cascades National Park as they helped guide the designing and building of a school trail. This partnership continued and joined forces with SFEG working with Mary and her students using the Junior Stream Stewards program.

jay and shrimp1Jay Kidder-Fisheries Engineer

Jay is a consulting fisheries engineer with 33 years of experience working on salmon and steelhead conservation, restoration, and habitat projects across the Northwest and Alaska.  As the owner of Chinook Engineering, Jay provides civil, mechanical, structural and environmental engineering services to state and federal agencies, private non-profit groups, Indian tribes, and private developers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  Jay is a native Washingtonian and has always had a love of fishing and especially for salmon and steelhead.  As a fisheries biologist, fisherman, and conservation engineer Jay has a keen interest in the work of restoration of our fisheries and habitat, he understands how fish habitat and our built world intersect and would like to help guide that intersection for both the fish and our community to succeed.

Erin LietzanErin Lietzan- Business Owner

Erin holds an MS in Natural Resources from Oregon State University.  She previously served as an Aquatic Land Manager for Washington Department of Natural Resources and has been involved with the Skagit Marine Resources Committee.  Erin has a passion for environmental work and enjoys being active in her community.  She recently left her position to start a business with her husband and is seeking out ways to stay involved and connected to environmental restoration projects.  Erin is seeking her first term with the Board of Directors.

Mike OlisMike Olis- Tribal Forest & Fish Biologist, Skagit River System Coop
Mike’s interest and enthusiasm for salmon and the protection of their habitat began in Alaska as a sport and commercial fisherman. Since 1994 he has worked as a biologist in the Skagit and Samish River Basins with the Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and currently with the Skagit River System Cooperative (the tribal cooperative working on salmon issues). Mike has expertise related to culvert assessment for fish passage, construction experience, habitat enhancement as well as local fish use and distribution.

Steve RantenSteve Ranten- Forest Practices Coordinator, WA Dept. of Natural Resources
Steve is the Forest Practices Coordinator for the Washington Department of Natural Resources at their regional office in Sedro-Woolley. Steve was raised in Skagit County and thoroughly enjoys being in the forest, especially to go fishing. Steve has a degree in forestry and works with local landowners to help them understand forestry and riparian impacts. Steve was an active volunteer with Ducks Unlimited for 23 years and is looking forward to another way to share his knowledge of forestry and streams with the community.


Jon VanderheydenJon Vanderheyden- Forest & Watershed Scientist, US Forest Service (retired)
Jon received his BS in Forestry from Michigan State University and MS in Forest Hydrology from Oregon State University, beginning a successful career of Forest and Watershed Management. He worked for the US Forest Service in both Oregon and Washington for over 33 years, with the last 22 primarily focused on stream restoration and forest recreation. Jon served 20 years as the coordinator for the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest’s budget committee, and spent a majority of that time in the Skagit Basin. He views the Skagit River watershed as a significant national ecological feature with a key salmon habitat component. In his post-retirement, Jon seeks to continue his involvement in restoration of the Skagit River watershed.