Hamilton Crowdsources Flood History

by Lindsay Warne

Seventeen community members gathered in Hamilton on Thursday night, the 17th, to start planning a new restoration project for Carey Slough. SFEG is working with adjacent landowners and consulting partners to gather information to create a technical plan that benefits both people and fish. Restoration projects cannot increase the flood level of an area; therefore  accurate, on-the-ground data from the community is invaluable to correct and supplement existing information.

Hamilton Community Meeting

This project is the first phase of a multi-phase project. SFEG is currently collecting data, building relationships with local landowners, and working with those landowners and the Town to identify constraints and opportunities for habitat restoration.  We will ultimately identify and develop preliminary designs for one or more early-action projects that can be implemented (Phase 2).  Once we have achieved community support and have developed a solid conceptual restoration program and process we will move forward with developing designs for additional restoration and/or acquisition actions in Phase 2, and ultimately implement those projects to restore habitat in Carey’s Slough and the surrounding floodplain as part of Phase 3.

Working with Hamilton shows that every person can make a difference in their community. This meeting was the first of many in designing a working conceptual model that is supported by the community. Check the calendar for updates on our next meeting sometime in January.

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