Fly Fishing Carey’s Slough

Volunteer Dick Raisler

Volunteer Dick Raisler fishing Carey’s Slough

What’s living in Carey’s Slough?  Three volunteers assisted SFEG with finding out that answer, by going fly fishing!  Volunteers Dick Raisler, John Leighton, and Robin La Rue recently joined SFEG staff and interns to assess the fish population of this Skagit River backwater slough using a different technique than our usual seine or snorkel surveys.  These three local fly fishermen and AmeriCorps member Nik Novotny offered their skills to see what they could find in the slough.   Although floating this calm waterway in a canoe made for a very relaxing morning, we didn’t catch much!  They caught two cutthroat trout and one pumpkin seed sunfish.  This information gives us another piece of the puzzle for analyzing Carey’s Slough for future restoration projects.

A few fish species and a few very wet staff members later, we at least got some neat photos!

Volunteer John Leighton

Volunteer John Leighton assisting with Carey’s Slough fishing survey

cutthroat trout cropped

Cutthroat trout

Pumpkin seed sunfish

Pumpkin seed sunfish caught in Carey’s Slough

Dannielle and Kyle doing cross section surveys

Fish Survey intern Danielle Vandenberg assists SFEG Habitat Restoration Coordinator Kyle Koch in cross-section surveys

fishing is tiring work

Fish surveys are tiring work!